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Calibrating Your Instruments ES2i Short

All instruments require periodic calibration, on intervals specified by the manufacturer. Standards provide highly accurate and stable comparison signals to insure that your instruments remain within specification.

KSE can fulfill your requirements for Standards for virtually any instrument, including Pressure Calibrators, Temperature Calibrators, Instrument Signal Simulators, Temperature Blocks, Gas Detectors, and Documentation Software to Record the calibration procedures.

Documenting Calibrators provide "before and after" records for each device calibrated to fulfill internal or ISO audit standards. Documenting Calibrators can be pre-loaded with all of your existing instruments making periodic calibrations fast and accurate.

Multifunction Calibrators measure many different signals in one hand held unit, such as pressure, RTD, Thermocouple, pulse, and differential inputs. Accuracies to 0.006% of full scale are now available in inexpensive hand held devices.