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Silver Ion Pull Handles
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Purehold PRO PH-HH-001 $199

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bullet Silver Ion Antibacterial Push Plates


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Purehold PRO Sanitary Gel Dispensing Handles

Encouraging Hand Sanitation is Good - MANDATING it is BETTER!

Purehold Gel Dispensing Handle

100 People Pass through a Door - One did not wash their hands after using the toilet........


The Purehold PRO is a People Powered Sanitary Gel Dispenser!Purehold PRO Sanitary Gel Dispensing Door Handle

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Common microbes found on door furniture include E-coli, Salmonella, Camplylobacteut and Staph Aureus. The Purehold PRO uses a door's own inertia to apply just the right ammount of hand sanitizing gel to every person's hands who use the door - no exceptions.


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